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[DIR] Parent Directory - [   ] aragorn.1 19-Aug-2020 10:41 8.9K MAN PAGE [TXT] aragorn1.2.36.c 24-Feb-2013 13:47 357K [TXT] aragorn1.2.37.c 30-Jun-2016 12:27 405K [TXT] aragorn1.2.38.c 09-Oct-2016 10:14 406K [TXT] aragorn1.2.39.c 19-Aug-2020 10:32 408K [TXT] aragorn1.2.40.c 19-Aug-2020 10:28 416K [TXT] aragorn1.2.41.c 09-Nov-2020 15:17 433K LATEST
Compiling example:

gcc -O3 -ffast-math -finline-functions -o aragorn aragorn1.2.40.c

If you want a man page put the aragorn man page named aragorn.1 in a directory read by the man command. 
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